January 26, 2019 - LocalBitcoins Bitcoin Exchange 8 BTC or more

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Per the post-mortem, the still-anonymous attacker was able to breach a third-party software used by LocalBitcoins, but was quickly shut down. Interestingly, Vera claimed that six cases have been all but confirmed, contradicting the five incoming transactions on the suspicious address. This discrepancy wasn’t addressed, so it can be assumed that the hacker managed to siphon funds into another address.

Source: Twitter

@LocalBitcoins has apparently been compromised. Users are claiming its forums were redirecting them to a login page that was a phishing website.

An address shared on social media already has $28,000 worth of #BTC in it after tricking 5 victims. Forums are now diabled. #bitcoin pic.twitter.com/iKLyMQ0Unf

— Francisco Memoria (@FranciscoMemor) January 26, 2019