October 26, 2013 - Inputs.io 4,100 BTC

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Victim: Inputs.io, passed on to creditors.
Perpetrator: Accusations of inside job.
Transaction of interest: 9536feebe3a50b94f85ca27d56e669a7209bd4188385d55c5b97227c95cf7f74 Statement by TradeFortress.
Amount: Estimate 4100 BTC Official statement.
Equivalent in USD: 640615 $
Equivalent in January 2014 BTC: 780 BTC
Inputs.io, a web wallet service run by BitcoinTalk user TradeFortress, was supposedly “hacked” in October 2013 and was unable to repay user balances in full. There are many accusations of the hack being an inside job. TradeFortress had a contentious reputation and had supposedly scammed two separate people before this incident.Accusation by BitcoinTalk user “webr3”. /  Accusation by BitcoinTalk user “MoneypakTrader.com”. When the theft was announced in November 2013, TradeFortress began offering partial refunds; however, 4100 BTC was not paid back as that was the shortfall from the supposed “hack”.