April 19, 2020 - dForce hack $25 million

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the money was drained on 19 April 2020 from the contracts of Lendf.Me, a lending protocol that’s part of dForce, a collection of DeFi protocols. The money was taken due to a known renetrancy bug in ERC777.

The Lendf.Me attacker  was 0xa9bf70a420d364e923c74448d9d817d3f2a77822

AN in depth analysis can be read here https://medium.com/@slowmist/slowmist-details-of-lendf-me-reentrancy-attack-3e168ab5f2b1 

The hackers got away with $25 million and even send some money back ($126,014) with a cheeky message: “Better luck next time”.