November 3, 2014 - CryptoRush 950 BTC/ 2,500 LTC

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Victim: CryptoRush (alternative cryptocurrency exchange) and users
Perpetrator: Identified as an “IP from Ukraine”.
Amount: About 950 BTC
Equivalent in USD: 782641 $
Equivalent in January 2014 BTC: 950 BTC
Cryptocurrency exchange suffered a security breach leading the the loss of almost 1000 BTC and a significant amount of other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin.

The exchange attempted to continue operations and withhold its insolvency from its users. Some days later, it created its own propietary cryptocurrency, purporting to pay dividends to owners.

The exchange later suffered another bug leading to the loss of cryptocurrency balances in Blackcoin. A support employee later leaked details of the theft and the attempts to cover it up.  Leak of information apropos the CryptoRush situation by “DogeyMcDoge”, support employee at CryptoRush.