Comparison of 53 Major Smart Contract Blockchain Platforms

By and has developed an assessment and maturity framework to help you selecting the best blockchain platform for your need.

We assess the popularity, quality, ease of use, access, costs, scalability, attractiveness, industry focus of all these blockchain platforms Contact Us now

Disruptr collect additionally following 88 indicators: [ICO end, ICO start, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Number Dapps, access, accounts, advisors, atomic swap, attractiveness, block producer, blocksize, blocktime (s), circulating supply, client, company code, consensus, contract language, contracts, costs, created_at, decentralization, description, dex, documentation, ease of use, explorer, fork, forks_count, formal verification, founding, fullNode, gdpr, github_releases, github_stars, governance, head block, history, industry focus, investors, language, launch, license, logo, market cap rank, market_cap, max supply, maxtps (realtime), motto, name, new tokens, nodes, open_issues_count, our analysis, our rating, performance tx/s, platform code, popularity, price, privacy, quality, reddit users, rewards, roadmap, scalability, sdk, sidechain, social, stackoverflow questions, staked, state channels, team, technology, testnet, ticker, token, total supply, transactions, turing, tx cost, type, unstaked, unstaking, updated_at, url, wallet code, wallets, watchers, whitepaper]