The PIE charts are generated automatically every Week end.

How it is working

  • Data are stored in Google Sheet, 2190 ICO, read from Whitepapers using PDFBox.
  • A category parser read and match token distribution categories (> 1936 unique words/sentences) and their respective values
  • A category reducer reduce the number of categories to a more manageable number by mapping similar category together. E.g. Early Bird investors -> preico
  • A category analyzer can query these data using multiple category selector strategies.


Data are read from Whitepapers using PDFBox.

Usually, a percentage of the tokens is sold to ICO participants and a percentage kept for the company’s needs.
Tokens-economy did analyze and consolidate the token distribution down to 23 categories: advisors, airdrop, bonus, bounty, burned, community, company, crowdsale, e-commerce, foundation, founder, investors, legal, lockup, marketing, operations, pool, premined, presale, referrals, research, reserves, team


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Found an error?

Contact us if you want to get more details, all data can be linked back to each project.

Utility Tokens

Utility tokens, also called user tokens or app coins, represent future access to a company’s product or service. The defining characteristic of utility tokens is that they are not designed as investments; if properly structured, this feature exempts utility tokens them from federal laws governing securities.

Security Tokens

If a crypto token derives its value from an external, tradable asset, it is classified as a security token and becomes subject to federal securities regulations. Failure to abide by these regulations could result in costly penalties and could threaten to derail a project. However, if a startup meets all its regulatory obligations, the security token classification creates the potential for a wide variety of applications, the most promising of which is the ability to issue tokens that represent shares of company stock.

Payment Tokens

They are token to exchange/store unit of values and facilitate payments. Also name cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency, where encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds.