104 Biggest Crypto Loss, Hacks, Scam of All Time

37 Exchanges Hacks – 7 private Keys Lost – 7 Protocol Attacks – 24 Ponzi/Scams – 19 Hacks – 2 Theft amd more…

Current value



1,632,064 BTC stolen

+ 5’017’135 BTC Lost *
+ 171,955 BTC Confiscated

* Source


12’373’579 ETH Stolen

+ 513’774 ETH lost forever in Parity

+ 12’000 ETH lost in typos

+ 7’657 ETH lost forever in 0x0 (hard fork required)

+ 45’000 ETH stolen with ethercombing


$ 3’251.3m Stolen

in Ponzi, Scam
in EOS/NEM/..

  • June 1, 2019 - GateHub Hack $10M / 23,200,000 XRP

    “On June 1 we were made aware of a theft of 201,000 XRP (transaction F6E9E1385E11649A6C2F88723A821AF209B54030886539DCEF9DDD00E6446948) and immediately started investigation. It turned out that the account robbed was managed through Gatehub.net, and that the offending account (r9do2Ar8k64NxgLD6oJoywaxQhUS57Ck8k) had stolen substantial amounts from several other XRP accounts, likely to be or have been managed through Gatehub.net.” Source

    “At the moment we estimate that approximately 100 XRP Ledger wallets were compromised,” Pungercar added. “So far it looks like all the victims had their XRP Ledger wallets hosted on GateHub, but we cannot yet rule out that some wallets were not.”  Source

  • May 23, 2019 - Daniel Pacheco $26 Million Crypto Pyramid Scheme

    The U.S. SEC as initiated court proceedings against a California resident, Daniel Pacheco, for allegedly operating a multimillion-dollar cryptocurrency pyramid scheme. Source

    The SEC’s complaint, filed Wednesday, alleges that from January 2017 through March 2018, Pacheco conducted a fraudulent, unregistered offering of securities through two California-based companies he controls, IPro Solutions LLC and IPro Network LLC (collectively, “IPro”). IPro raised more than $26 million from investors by selling instructional packages that provided lessons on e-commerce. Investors also received “points” that could be converted into a digital asset known as PRO Currency. Investors who contributed additional funds could earn a mixture of cash commissions and additional convertible points by recruiting new investors into the IPro network. As alleged in the complaint, however, IPro was a fraudulent pyramid scheme. IPro’s inevitable collapse was hastened by Pacheco’s fraudulent use of investor funds, which included, among other things, the all-cash purchase of a $2.5 million home and a Rolls Royce. Pacheco’s misappropriation accelerated the rate at which IPro became unable to pay the commissions and bonuses due its investors.

  • May 7, 2019 - Binance hot wallet hack 7’074 BTC

    Binance announced that a “large scale security breach” was discovered earlier on May 7, finding that malicious actors were able to access user API keys, two-factor authentication codes and “potentially other info,” the exchange’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, said in a letter. As a result, they were able to withdraw roughly $41 million in bitcoin from the exchange, according to a transaction published in the security notice.

    “The hackers had the patience to wait, and execute well-prepared actions through multiple seemingly independent accounts at the most opportune time. The transaction is structured in a way that passed our existing security checks. It was unfortunate that we were not able to block this withdrawal before it was executed.”

  • April 15, 2019 - Bitcoin ransomware payments ?? $

    Bitcoin continues to be the most common cryptocurrency for ransomware payments Source CoveWare

  • April 8, 2019 - bitcoin Ponzi scheme in Korea $18m

    Swindlers who used a bitcoin Ponzi scheme to rob around 56,000 people of over 21.2 billion won ($18.7 million) were arrested last Thursday.
    The swindlers lured people with scant knowledge about the digital currency, mostly elderly people, housewives and retirees, with recruitment bonuses and free cryptocurrency.

    (source: Korea JoongAng Daily)

  • March 30, 2019 - Bithumb exchange hack $20M

    South Korean bitcoin exchange Bithumb was hacked again on 30.03.2019 morning

    • Three million EOS were stolen
    • 20 million XRP tokens

    Source: Coindesk

  • March 27, 2019 - Coinbene hacks $105m in ETH

    Estimated stolen are  $6 million in Coinbene Coin and $39 million in Maximine Coin  and $105m in ETH (Source)

  • March 26, 2019 - Levine Brother Ponzi scheme $2m BTC

    FINRA, a self-regulatory body that oversees around 630,000 brokers alongside the companies where they are employed, had most recently banned 11 brokers from working in the industry of securities, while 16 people were suspended from the sector. One of the latest bans that FINRA imposed is revolving around a 1.5 million dollars-worth scam.

    Source Finra

  • March 24, 2019 - DragonEx exchange hack $7M

    Singapore-based DragonEx, one of the top 50 cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume, estimated that the value of the funds stolen in the hack on March 24 is around USD 7 million (Source). Funds were stolen and landed on these wallets

    Stolen were 20 assets among other bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), XRP, litecoin (LTC), EOS and tether stablecoin (USDT)

    Below is a text version of the list of wallets shared by the DragonEx exec.

    BTC: 3BorUkWNFECFDoX877BSd2aPdRbPjPj45C
    ETH: 0xa7f72bf63edeca25636f0b13ec5135296ca2ebb2
    EOS: worldfoxprin whatagoodeos
    XRP: r4y4SZNzZDQdFR51RTFq23cjUvtV3WWzHx
    ETC: 0x39c46975becee0e12eb384d066228600e02ab82a
    NEO: ASwwE8eG2LecYezPUz3UQnBzgbNqoySiLQ
    ABBC: AYQz4Zruq16pC8uBF3ThUraWWUo2tTWCaP
    LTC: MS2hm59R95XUxek6vxSTSRjfkNHT3CA8gU
    BCHABC: qz7r39tdkcq497p9d9mpftzaqh6v228x0uw6z4lf38
    XMR: f5f32732ef34e38bd9570dcca9e4d1e2ebb00938e97af06fbfd8dd1e26de85c2
    ADA: Ae2tdPwUPEZ6CZNg5kVEcobu1WQfYzdmRPGkgUFiLZ1Wz4cehQhu82HYBNh
    ONT: AQj5xK8vKdu3mpaTj2LwW9nc734160Vagy
    TRX: TJeMF6CpEDeG94UAF7d4dzjXkgrwwtDGFB
    BTM: bm1qcnz52kmsxj8t8nww8eezp387e3dafl8e0k3fse
    XAS: A5DgXp3mt7TBsnqnwoRosczaEavSTWY1WY
    ICX: hxaca4668f3b18693701c6e220b4a8986095ab7b19
    QTUM: QaXoHzBF9nmh5FHzgnamY33Pb11UexTsrc

  • March 14, 2019 - 18-year-old hack Monappy

    A 18-year-old hacker has been referred to prosecutors in Utsunomiya, Japan for stealing crypto running into millions of Yen.  He hacked Monappy: a digital wallet that can be installed on smartphones. The 18-year-old stole 15 million yen ($134,196) in crypto. The heist occurred between August 14 and September 1, 2018. The hack affected 7,700 Monappy users.   Source: Japan Today