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Over the years, Hackers have stolen billion of dollars worth of crypto-coins from various exchanges and platform. Cryptocurrencies attract the attention of some of the world’s most opportunistic hackers and exchanges are still not regulated….the mix of these two components is an explosive cocktail! ✓ 62+ hacks are documented ✓ Browse and filter using categories (Bitcoin, Ethereum, […]

Blkockchain Consensus Encyclopedia

The complete list of 65+ Blockchain Consensus is now available on GitHub! I’m impatient to merge all your Pull Request to improve this documentation so we can make it the best available source!

Consensus Type and Crypto algorithms

The innovation speed in Blockchain landscape is just breathtaking and being able to (or to be honest trying to…) follow all these rapid changes is a chance for all software engineers. At the core of the Blockchain disruption are consensus algorithm: Consensus algorithms enable network participants to agree on the contents of a blockchain in a distributed and […]

Initial Coin Offering Statistics

From all ended ICO in each country, the bigger the bubble, the more the amount of money raised. Switzerland – Russia – Singapore – USA – Estonia – Germany – Liechtenstein

ICO friendliness rating index by country

For every single 247 country, the official regulation entity is identified. Thanks to Google an official statement or some articles are found detailing the situation in that country. The database currently contains 180 articles as source and 129 regulation body.

ICO Token Distribution & Economics

Usually, a percentage of the tokens is sold to ICO participants and a percentage kept for the company’s needs. The token distribution and allocation of the token is usually a chapter in the future company whitepaper. A pie chart displays how and to whom tokens will be allocated. But how much tokens are allocated (amount) […]

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) security checklist

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the way companies raise capital but at the same time are bringing their own sets of challenges. To ensure that your startup will go through that (ad)venture in a safe manner, you should always adhere to best security practices, for your company AND your investors. This mind map will present […]

Evaluating Blockchain Projects With Token Economy Canvas

Token Economy Canvas consists of nine building blocks that are filled out in a pre-defined order. Answering the questions for each building block helps gain insight into each aspect of a blockchain project and its token. Combined, the answers allow a holistic view of the proposed token economy. From there you can make your own […]