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Dead coins volume in 2017 and 2018 per countries

What is a Dead Coin or Dead Token? A token or coin that has been abandoned, scammed, website dead, no nodes, wallet issues, no social updates, low volume or developers have walked away from the project. More and more web portal are providing insights on the number of projects and or coins that  Have failed to reach their […]

Comparison of Major Smart Contract Platforms

Smart contracts are automated contracts. They are self-executing with specific instructions written on its code which get executed when certain conditions are made. Anything that runs on a blockchain needs to be immutable and must have the ability to run through multiple nodes without compromising its integrity. As a result of which, smart contract functionality […]


Over the years, Hackers have stolen billion of dollars worth of crypto-coins from various exchanges and platform. Cryptocurrencies attract the attention of some of the world’s most opportunistic hackers and exchanges are still not regulated….the mix of these two components is an explosive cocktail! ✓ 62+ hacks are documented ✓ Browse and filter using categories (Bitcoin, Ethereum, […]

Blkockchain Consensus Encyclopedia

The complete list of 65+ Blockchain Consensus is now available on GitHub! I’m impatient to merge all your Pull Request to improve this documentation so we can make it the best available source!

Consensus Type and Crypto algorithms

The innovation speed in Blockchain landscape is just breathtaking and being able to (or to be honest trying to…) follow all these rapid changes is a chance for all software engineers. At the core of the Blockchain disruption are consensus algorithm: Consensus algorithms enable network participants to agree on the contents of a blockchain in a distributed and […]