Cédric Walter

 Cédric worked with various Insurances companies across Switzerland on online applications handling billion premium volumes. He loves to continuously spark his own creativity in many different and challenging open sources projects fueled by his great passion for innovation and blockchain technology.

In my technical role as a senior solution engineer, I helps to define and implement innovative solutions using blockchain technologies and traditional products, solutions and services. I can support full spectrum of software development activities, starting from analyzing ideas and business cases and up to the production deployment of the solutions.

I’m passionate about AI, white hacking and promoting test-driven development as well as agile methods to deliver clean, functional code. I strongly believes the future will be driven by decentralization, community, and global collaboration and considers blockchain a natural fit for this vision.

tokens-economy.com is a blog / digital playground where I keep track of new developments in the distributed ledger technology space and present all his experimentation and tools, promoting the understanding of digital currencies and assets.

The token economy created by blockchain will encompass a larger domain than a sharing economy, and make the exchange of public goods such as money more flexible. Blockchains unlock the creation of quasi-perfectly decentralized networks, a new type of organization that does not depend on a Central Operator, and allows its users to benefit from the value they create.

  • I’m a Corda Certified Developer,
  • I’m an Ethereum smart contract expert in the SWISS Blockchain Security working group
  • I won the Swiss biggest Blockchain hackathon SBHACK21 with a stable coin for Julius Bär bank.
  • I won the Swiss biggest Blockchain hackathon SBHACK19 with a distributed land lease ledger fir agriculture.
  • I won HackZuri biggest european hackathon in category Migros with M-Clippy
  • I’m member of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland,
  • I’m member of the Cryptovalley association Switzerland,

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