This book by Margarethe R. R. Steffens is a great starting point for anyone wanting to understand investing in crypto companies and their super power, the communities, better.
What are the categories of tokens and how do you find good projects to invest in? How do you evaluate them?

The book provides insights into all common types of tokens but puts special emphasis on tokens representing cash and equity at the same time. Crypto companies and how they work; offering inclusion, economic opportunity and in the case of DAO even voting rights for token holders, are at focus.

Moreover the economic value of tokens is explained through comparison with stock companies and traditional business models backed by venture capital. A mixed-method approach, complementing literature with practical examples from the crypto space, M&A practice and due diligence standards, provides educational insight.

Growth calculation examples and formulas for explaining token economics, burning and staking have been developed from scratch for this book. Both share and asset deals are to be replaced by new acquisition opportunities that fit tokenized decentralized businesses better, thus M&A professionals have to adapt new skills.

Useful for anyone interested in staying up to date with developments in the technology company world and wanting to prepare for the mass arrival of blockchain – the new internet. is also cited in this book. Thanks to Margarethe!

80 pages – ASIN : B0846WL6GV
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