Many industries — insurance, medical, education, real estate, logistics, supply chain, finance, quality assurance — are leveraging blockchain to address existing business challenges, security, cost and efficiency among them.

Distributed Ledger Technology, where data is replicated across a network of validators and secured using cryptography, offers a solution where all participants have the most current copy of the ledger resulting in a decentralized system where transactions are transparent, instant, reliable and incorruptible.

Disruptr has developed an assessment and maturity framework to help you select the best blockchain platform.

and a blockchain radar 

How to read this table?

  1. Disruptr is trying to keep up to date an overview of all blockchain platforms that can run smart contracts or scripts (bitcoin)
  2. They consolidate and let you compare some platform key metrics
  3. This table may help you match your business requirements to a blockchain platform but you still need to get professional advice. Every project IS different.

Disruptr  ratings are not perfect yet but are evolving and follow all blockchain platform data that they fetch daily or weekly (thanks to a custom Java framework). Keeping this table up to date for all annotated fields is an enormous effort: things are changing fast in the blockchain world.

How it work

Disruptr  collect 72 indicators automatically or not: Number Dapps, accounts, advisors, atomic swap, block producer, blocksize, blocktime (s), circulating supply, company code, consensus, contract language, contracts, created_at, day_fix_oday, decentralization, description, dex, documentation, explorer, fork, forks_count, founding, fullNode, gdpr, github_stars, governance, head block, investors, language, launch, license, logo, market cap rank, market_cap, maxtps (realtime), motto, name, new tokens, nodes, open_issues_count, pull_request_count, performance tx/s, platform code, price, privacy, reddit users, releases_count, rewards, roadmap, sdk, sidechain, social, stackoverflow questions, staked, state channels, team, testnet, ticker, token, total supply, transactions, turing, tx cost, type, unstaked, unstaking, updated_at, url, wallet code, wallets, watchers, whitepaper.

And calculate or annotate 7 rating indicators: popularity, quality, ease of use, access, costs, scalability, attractiveness, industry focus

Disruptr  will continue to add new indicators, automating their updates and improve thier rating formulas.

Disruptr is welcoming community feedback! Disruptr rating formulas can and will be improved over time, you may disagree with some of our results, in all case feel free to contact them at [email protected] 

Note that Disruptr  have also developed a generic Request For Proposal (RFP) that helps them to efficiently reduce the number of platforms and better understand clients requirements.