This FREE book is focused on those people designing and develop‐ ing blockchain networks, the early chapters have a broader scope.

Oreilly – Getting Started with Enterprise Blockchain A Guide to Design and Development

This book introduces you to the value that blockchain brings to the enterprise. We focus on private permissioned blockchains, which we describe in Chapter 1, and why they are suitable for use in an enter‐ prise environment. While we make comparisons to public unper‐ missioned networks in Chapter 1, we don’t discuss public networks beyond this. This book looks at how to choose the best scenario for blockchain, and at considerations for designing a blockchain net‐ work, before finally looking at how to develop your blockchain application. Throughout this book we focus on a real-world scenario for com‐ mercial papers with Chapter 5 introducing a developer tutorial and how to run and extend a commercial paper network on blockchain.