Too late? some hackers stole all your cryptocurrencies. You need to react fast and appropriately!

Secure first

  • Execution time is critical! so be FAST!
  • What was NOT stolen may be soon in danger?
  • Were some informations stolen, that
    • may allow to steal more assets?
    • do more harm?
    • imagine all scenario!

But do not trust ANY of your devices anymore

  • windows, mac, linux
  • ios/android may be safe if you do not have too much apps installed

STOP USING  ALL EXISTING DEVICES, remove any internet access: stop wifi, remove ethernet cables


  • get a new device (cheap notebook)
  • reuse old device: boot a linux live ubuntu or use tails linux
  • Use another iOS device browser

You may want to keep the all disk untouched and remove them for later forensic analysis.

For all the services you were using

Use the new clean environment and it’s browser to secure all services related to crypto

  • crypto exchange
  • emails
  • others…

Make an paper table to change all services on a new computer

  • replace / change email password
  • get a new email account
  • Change your security questions and LIE with the responses. You dont want a hacker to google that question and find the obvious answer.
  • Change all recovery keys / master keys
  • Activate 2FA if not done
  • check that the hacker has not added any forwarding rule in yur mailbox.
  • on some exchange, e.g. bittrex the key stay the same which is not acceptable!

verify in another anonymous browser/sessions:

  • that old password dont work anymore
  • that old master/recovery key can not harm your account anymore
  • that 2FA is active


Dont use a maybe “compromised” computer
give computer to police
create disk images with if you know how